Transition Coaching

Entering treatment for an eating disorder was likely one of the most difficult choices you have ever faced. You have gained insight into your eating disorder and you have developed motivation to make significant life changes. Now you are nearing the end of your treatment stay and are beginning to ask questions about how you are going to stay in recovery once you return home.

Transition coaching, which provides expert support, daily connection and motivational tools, can make the difference between lasting recovery and relapse.

check_inMorning Motivational Check-ins
A daily, personalized check-in form for you. These forms are designed to help identify motivation, increase awareness of vulnerability and set goals. Copies of the form will be emailed to your coach as well as any treatment providers you choose. See a sampleĀ form.

Evening Check-ins
These forms will help you reflect on the day and identify areas of struggle. By consistently filling these out you and your coach will better be able to identify patterns of thinking that cause struggles as well as patterns of vulnerability. See a sample form.

Weekly 30 Minute Phone Callsland_line
Each week a recovery coach will call you to provide encouragement and feedback on your recovery journey. We will discuss topics such as:

  • Attendance of therapy and nutrition appointments
  • Urges and the frequency of behaviors
  • Mood and vulnerability to relapse
  • Coping skills
  • Personal Goals

Expert Recommendations
As patterns or issues arise in the daily and weekly check-ins your recovery coach will point out issues that you should likely address in further detail with your therapist or dietitian. Having someone help you identify areas that are keeping you stuck will prove beneficial to your long term recovery.

Treatment Team Communication
With your approval your therapist, dietitian or other treatment providers, will receive copies of your Daily Motivational forms and Weekly Check-in forms. Additionally, your coach will be available to share any recommendations or observations with your team.

Transition Coaching is $340 per month and includes:

  • Daily Motivational form
  • Weekly Check-in Form
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Weekly 30 minute phone calls or Skype session
  • Email Support

Recovery Coaching
If you need more intensive coaching you can upgrade to Recovery Coaching. Learn more about Support Coaching.

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