Travis was an incredible blessing to my husband and I during our daughter’s relapse! We were exhausted emotionally, spiritually and financially from living with ED for 5 years and we had 4 other children to love and care for. Travis helped us by listening and guiding us in ways to communicate with our daughter, set respectful boundaries and consequences, and he called/emailed her PA, nutritionist and counselor as her physical health continued to erode again. We felt that WE finally had an advocate and he truly cared for us, stayed in touch and prayed for us. I would definitely recommend Travis to other parents who are going through the nightmare of an eating disorder.

~ Client

Sam-1200-1In working with Travis I have seen him facilitate the highest quality work with clients. He has the ability to balance empathy with gentle confrontation. He is an excellent eating disorder professional.

~Sam Lample, Licensed Professional Counselor
Doorways Counseling, Former Director of Remuda Ranch Treatment Center for Boys


From our first handshake I knew I could trust Travis. His sincerity and sensitivity to my struggles built a safe place for me to heal. He spoke to me, the human, not at my issues, which helped separate my identity from my situation. He offered genuine care with professional expertise and I’ve forever grateful for the health and wholeness that resulted from our time together.

~Former client

kirstenTravis brings high-level, professional expertise to any talk, and communicates his wealth of knowledge in a way that is clear and relatable. He richly demonstrates through narrative, a sense of humor, and personal reflection the concepts he aims to communicate. I highly recommend him.

~Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, Eating Disorder Advocate,
Founder of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation

I met Travis Stewart while receiving treatment for an eating disoder. I had a very hard time trusting men, and when I heard that my primary therapist was going to be man – I almost gave up right then and there. But when I met him all my worries disappeared; there is something about him as a person and his demeanor that made me believe that everything was truly going to be okay. And I do not hesitate to say that during that short period of time, he saved my life. He helped me to develop skills to deal with urges and see past my insecurities into the deeper issues of what was truly causing my eating disorder and he taught me how to truly “be present” in everyday situations. I am thankful for the huge impact he has had on my life.

~Former client

constanceI love hearing Travis speak. He invests himself in understanding his topic thoroughly, communicating it clearly, and infusing it with the life-changing power of story. In feedback from our event attendees, he always emerges as a conference favorite.

~Constance Rhodes, FINDINGbalance, Hungry for Hope Conference


J1-copy2-1Travis is an excellent and compassionate clinician. He has dealt with some of the most difficult family and individual situations with adolescents and young adults caught in the devastating cycle of eating disorder behaviors.

~Jan Hamilton, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner,
Director of Doorways Counseling and Psychiatric Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

Travis is one of the most caring and compassionate professionals I know. When my daughter was in high school she suffered from a serious eating disorder. Travis was the most important and influential person in her recovery. He provided the advice and care she needed to regain her confidence that helped her to a gradual and complete recovery. Travis connected with her on a very personal level which remains important to her today. My daughter and our family are very blessed that Travis entered my daughter’s life. He has my deepest respect and gratitude.

~Dan, father of former client

john lynchTravis has this uncommon gifting to be able to make a complex ideas clear and winsome. He is able to chart a course through the cultural issues of identity, pain, grief and addiction. He is funny, delightful, brilliant and fascinating. What I appreciate best is that he artfully allows me to travel along with him to face the issue, instead of just watching someone convince me of their journey. I’m a big fan.

~John Lynch, Author and Speaker, TrueFaced Ministries