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Don Worcester

God is For Us
Dr. Don Worcester

Don Worcester is a psychologist living in Phoenix, Arizona. With a background in working with youth, marriage counseling and eating disorders, Don brings a honesty and depth to his talks. In this message Don shares how God truly is for us.

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Travis Stewart

The Glory of the Human Body
Travis Stewart, LPC, MATS

Those struggling with eating disorders often thinking fixing their body will fix all of their problems. In this message Travis combines his experience as a counselor with his theological education and gives a hope-filled message on the Christian perspective of the human body.

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Blessed Self-Forgetfullness
Timothy Keller, Pastor

Tim Keller is one of the most gifted communicators around. He respectfully communicates to those both inside and outside the church regarding issues of faith. In this message he addresses the issue of identity and self-esteem in a profoundly helpful way.

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constanceA Month Without Makeup
Constance Rhodes, Author, CEO FINDINGbalance

Constance Rhodes is a speaker, author, and the director of FINDINGbalance, a non-profit organization committed to bringing freedom to people struggling with eating and body image issues. In this personal talk she shares “What 28 Days of Feeling Ugly Taught Me About True Beauty.”

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