Providing you with the tools, structure and encouragement to take the next steps in your eating disorder recovery.

Eating Disorder recovery is a difficult task. Dealing with urges, overcoming discouragement, facing fear foods, adjusting to a new body image and regaining passion for life; all of these can feel overwhelming. Revision Recovery is committed to coaching you through the difficulties. With Revision Recovery Coaching, Travis Stewart brings his expertise in eating disorders, combined with compassion and creativity, to help clients experience lasting change and freedom.



Lee Blum, Recovery Coach

Lee Wolfe Blum is an expert in the field of eating disorders with nine years of work as a Mental Health Practitioner at the Melrose Center for Eating Disorder and also breaking free from her own life threatening eating disorder in her twenties.

Lee is also an author and energetic passionate speaker who loves to help women find hope and healing from perfectionism and addictions. her first book was Table in the Darkness – A Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder and her second, Brave Is the New Beautiful – Courage To Be the Real You releases March 1st. (but is available for pre-sale on Amazon). Lee’s coaching practice is a place to help you move to the next level in your recovery so you can be your best, brave and beautiful self.


Travis Stewart, Owner, Recovery Coach

Travis Stewart has worked with eating disorders since 2003 and has learned from many of the fields leading experts. Travis has worked with hundreds of young women and men facing life-threatening eating disorders in all levels of treatment. He was also the visionary for the annual Hungry for Hope Conference, a Christian based conference which provides training and help for both professionals and lay people in the treatment of eating disorders. An excellent communicator and teacher, Travis is a regular consultant to FINDINGbalance and has spoken at schools such as Pepperdine University, Baylor, Washington University, and several grad schools and seminaries on the topic of eating disorders and body image. He was also a presenter at an international conference on eating disorders in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary.

Recovery Coaching helps you have a life outside of an eating disorder.

Recovery from and eating disorder is difficult work. At times it feels nearly impossible. Revision Recovery Coaching offers two levels of coaching to help you in your journey toward freedom.

Transition Coaching provides critical support to those who are discharging from a treatment setting through increasing motivation and providing regular contact.

Support Coaching is an intense partnership that digs deeper into understanding urges and developing the skills to live in freedom.

Both levels of coaching Recovery will help you focus on:

  • Maintaining your motivation
  • Utilizing skills
  • Understanding what leads to urges and triggers
  • Managing triggers and urges
  • Developing an identity outside of their eating disorder
  • Building a life worth living
  • Spiritual growth


Recovery Coaching utilizes 6 key principles in helping you find recovery and freedom

One of the keys to recovery is learning to manage urges and handle anxiety. This is done through learning a new  a new way of thinking and  behaving. This is done through applying proven principles to your life. Revision Recovery Coaching is designed to help develop these principles into your recovery through coaching sessions, assignments and the daily practice of new habits. The core principles of Revision Recovery Coaching are:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Honest Relationships
  • Understanding Urges
  • Challenging Core Beliefs
  • Developing Identity & Purpose
  • Spiritual Maturity

Connect, Present, Focus, Ask



Reflective Prayer is a website designed for those of a Christian faith who desire to learn to lower their anxiety and manage their urges while developing a deeper trust in God.

Travis Stewart designed this site to be interactive and directive. Using it will guide users through a prayer experience that combine mindfulness, focused attention and Christian Scripture. Used regularly, this site will result in impact how the brain responds to anxiety and teach valuable skills needed for recovery.

Learn more at

Coaching is sold in packages because lasting change takes time. Scheduling one week at a time makes you vulnerable to skipping sessions or falling prey to the way of thinking that has kept you stuck in unhealthy patterns. By committing to multiple sessions and paying up front you are clarifying your commitment to revising your relationship with food and your body.

Support CoachingProvides more intensive coaching for those who desire additional support and encouragement

  • Daily Motivational form
  • Weekly Check-in Form
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Weekly 50 minute phone calls or Skype session
  • Email Support

             1 month – $440 (110 per session)     |     3 months – $1,260 (105 per session)

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Travis_speakingLearning to understand and believe what is really true about our behaviors and our identity is key to both recovery and spiritual maturity. One of the best ways to do this is to learn from expert and motivational speakers and teachers. Check out the free and recommended resources on the Audio Resources page.

Managing urges is one of the most critical skills you need to learn to live a life of recovery. URGE911 is an approach I have developed to help you identify what makes you vulnerable to urges, what legitimate needs are driving the urges and steps you can take to resist acting on behaviors. Learn more or download the free URGE911 card.

Sam-1200In working with Travis I have seen him facilitate the highest quality work with clients. He has the ability to balance empathy with gentle confrontation. He is an excellent eating disorder professional.
~Sam Lample, Doorways Counseling

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The Glory of the Human Body, Part 2

But, when was the last time you stopped and thanked God that you could walk? That you could see? That your ears worked? That you can type a letter or write a poem or smell coffee in the morning? When was the last time you realized you can hug your child, or kiss your wife or taste ice cream because of your body?

The Glory of the Human Body, Part 1

David Crowder has a song called Everything Glorious. The lyrics read, “You make everything glorious and I am yours. What does that make me?”

Have you ever considered that your body is glorious? Have you ever considered that your body is made for glory and that is vital in the expression of your identity in Christ?

constance Travis Stewart is a gifted professional who has walked many individuals toward health and freedom from eating disorders, but that is only one aspect of his gifts and abilities. His humility and leadership impacted me on a deeply personal level. He’s full of great ideas, honest, loyal and committed – I highly recommend him!

Constance Rhodes, CEO FINDINGbalance

Lee’s story is horrific and hopeful, and the ultimate power of authentic community offers hope to all of us, regardless of what we carry around inside of us. With so few voices reminding us how deeply we need and long for one another, Lee Blum’s is a godsend.
– Chap Clark, Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Chap Clark, Fuller Seminary

Travis is one of the most caring and compassionate professionals I know. When my daughter was in high school she suffered from a serious eating disorder. Travis was the most important and influential person in her recovery. He provided the advice and care she needed to regain her confidence that helped her to a gradual and complete recovery. Travis connected with her on a very personal level which remains important to her today. My daughter and our family are very blessed that Travis entered my daughter’s life. He has my deepest respect and gratitude.

Dan, Father of Former Client